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Plants in Florida soil

Soil Testing

A soil test can provide you with a better understanding of your soil's quality and composition. A soil test can show your soil's pH, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, organic matter levels, and other factors. Using the soil test's results, our team will provide recommendations on how to improve your Florida garden.

This service is only offered in conjunction with our landscape installation and sodding services.

Soil pH


Certain plants require specific pH levels.

By analyzing your soil, our team can determine which plants are better suited for your yard. Levels of soil pH can be adjusted by adding sulfur or lime to the soil.

Organic Matter

Organic matter

Organic matter in soil is vital for plant nutrition and appropriate moisture levels (USDA). Our team can increase organic matter levels by adding compost to your yard to dramatically improve the vitality of your landscape.

Soil Nutrients

Ixora Florida Flower

The lack of certain nutrients may be a reason why some plants are not flourishing as well as others. Using the information from the soil test about the nutrient levels, we will be able to identify the fertilization needs of your landscape.

Our Recommendations

Florida landscape

Once we analyze the results of your soil test, we will be able to make recommendations such as adjusting the level of certain nutrients in your soil, adjusting your soil's pH, and using, or avoiding, specific plants to fit your soil's composition.

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